In 2007 we ran trains for the first time in early March. The next picture above shows the shed in place. The building next to it isn’t going to remain there, so it’s not even sitting level on a foundation. Yes, that’s a pointsettia (sp?) up front… I take out left-overs from the holiday and plant them outside each year. They don’t survive the winter, but at least provide something different in the garden to look at.

I finally installed the first real bridge, but should have hosed it down before taking the picture! The dirt is from rain that tossed up bits of sand from the soil. The bridge sits about a foot above the sand, so it gets dirty during rainy days. I built the retaining wall, but am not overly happy with it. Looks like a project for another year. The bridge is a three foot version made by Garden Metal Products. I’ll eventually replace the track so a joiner isn’t in the middle, will use real wooden ties, and build in a walkway.

I like this view, but definitely need to clean out some of the clutter around the layout…

I also started building more raised beds but those will wait until the 2008 section is created.