3D Printer work

I’ve been doing a lot of work but have never gotten into spending time to document it.

This morning I had some emails with Keenovo about a custom-made silicon heating pad for my Solidoodle 3 rebuild project.  They gave me an excellent price but had to buy two, so I paid and am now waiting for the new 6″x8″ heaters to arrive.  Once the new heater is in place, one of the SD3’s biggest problems will be solved.  BTW, I did tests with four heaters and put my results on a page for others.

Also on today’s to-do list was to dig through the parts drawers looking for pieces to build Sui’s (Sue, my wife) eggbot.  She printed all the pieces on the FlashForge printer, so today most of the parts were either found in the basement (stepper motors, servos, Arduinos, etc), ordered from McMaster-Carr or purchased from one of the local hardware stores.  It’s so nice to have a great selection of metric parts at all the local stores.

This is her project: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:844167




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