3D Printer work, Laser cutter

This week was non-stop repairs on the FlashForge Creator Pro 3D printer.  When homing, the X axis would slam into the right-hand side and make a heck of a lot of grinding noises.  Their sensor board has a small LED that lights when the switch is pressed, but the signal wasn’t getting to the motherboard.  After some ohm’ing out, it was one wire, and lots of people complain about their cheap cables being intermittent.  I removed the cable (lots of time), replaced the one bad wire, put it back in, then found another cable had broken.  Forget it.  I ordered some third-party replacements, and wired a temporary set of wires until they arrive.

I finally got back to work on my laser cutter by replacing the stepper motors with smaller ones that draw less current… bingo, it started working.  I cleaned up the wiring and started getting the limit sensors working.  This is a low priority project, so it gets worked on between other things.  No rush to finish it, although I am looking forward to having it done.


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