No, that’s not a typo, it has a lower case “o” and it really was pronounced the way it’s spelled.

Bogus was an under-the-radar project to build a really good CP/M 3 machine and was the work of two engineers, Dave Warker on software and Bob Grieb on hardware.  Bogus:


Money was flying all over the place so building side projects went completely unnoticed in late 1983/early 1994.  Dave and Bob built a few, the company went chapter 11 and everything was lost.  A few years later Dave was at the Trenton Computer Festival and found someone selling blank boards.  A deal was reached where Dave and Bob would build a few for the seller in exchange for a few.  Dave got the BIOS done and Bob continued hardware development for a few more years.  Dave, Bob and I each had one.

A horrible picture, but it’s just the keyboard, the PC board under the sheet of paper and the small display.  The machine under it is an ACE-500, not part of the BoGUS.  The vertical board is an SD card interface Bob built so we didn’t need to use disk drives:

More history.  The keyboard is from a Human Designed Systems terminal.  Dave worked for HDS for a few years, and I joined the company not long after he left.